How to store garden tools in winter: tips for summer house owners

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Garden tools

After a busy season, gardeners need to think about where to store their tools in the winter. High-quality tools are expensive, but they are a wise investment because they will last for many years if they are properly maintained.

It is important to clean the tools first and store them properly so that they are ready for use next spring. Homes and Gardens shared some life hacks for storing garden tools.

How to store pruning tools

Cleaning and sharpening cutting tools such as saws, pruners, loppers, and hedge shears should be done after you have completed the last pruning.

Gently brush the blades of secateurs with a damp brush to remove any remaining sawdust, then dry the blade. Repeat the process by wiping the blades with a brush dampened with a little oil: this will prevent rust from forming.

Folding saws should be dried well. The blades of pruning shears and scissors should also be wiped to remove sticky sap and debris, then disinfected and properly lubricated.

Experts advise sharpening tools before putting them away for long-term storage.

Life hacks for shovels, pitchforks, and hoes

Shovels, pitchforks, trowels, and hoes should be thoroughly cleaned with a hand brush and hot water. Sand wooden handles and wipe them with linseed oil. The blades of shovels and hoes should also be sharpened in the fall so that they can cut through soil and weeds with greater ease in the spring.

Here is a traditional and effective way to keep shovels from rusting. You need to fill a bucket with sand and oil, mix the ingredients and repeatedly raise and lower the cleaned shovel blade. This will give the tool extra cleanliness, and a light greasy layer will protect it from rust.

Where to store lawn mowers

It is also important to prepare your lawn mowers for the winter season in advance. If you have a gasoline-powered lawn mower, run the engine dry during the last mowing. If fuel remains in the tank, it can damage the plastic and rubber components of the mower and may cause a fire.

If the mower is running on battery power, remove the battery and store it in a safe and dry place.

Remove any grass clippings stuck to the underside, remove and sharpen the blade before oiling it and removing any traces of rust.

How to disinfect

You can use any household disinfectant to clean your instruments, diluted according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Tea tree oil is also widely used as an organic tool for disinfecting instruments. Conventional disinfectant wipes will also work.

Always wear gloves when disinfecting and lubricating tools to prevent skin irritation.

How to store cables

Cords for mowers, hedge trimmers, and other electric garden tools should be disconnected from the equipment, neatly folded, and hung up in a dry place.

If there is a risk of high humidity in the storage area, wrap the cables in strong plastic bags.

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