How to store food in the refrigerator so that it stays fresh longer even without electricity

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Proper organization of space in the refrigerator allows you to store food longer

To keep the food in a dark refrigerator in good condition, you should do more than just keeping the door closed to retain the cold. The correct organization of the space inside the refrigerator is equally important.

Express has collected the main tips on how to place food to keep it fresh for as long as possible. The thing is that the temperature on different shelves is different, and therefore, you need to place food and ready meals properly. It is important not to block the ventilation holes in the chamber as they are responsible for pumping cold when the refrigerator is powered.

The British Food Standards Agency (FSA) recommends keeping the temperature in the refrigerator compartment between 0 and 5 degrees Celsius. The laws of physics distribute the air in such a way that heat rises upwards. Accordingly, the lower limit of this range is more likely to be observed on the lower shelves, and the top of the chamber will be slightly warmer.

So, the distribution of products from top to bottom should look like this:

  • dairy products, eggs, and ready-to-eat meals on the top shelf;
  • sauces and condiments;
  • semi-finished meat products;
  • raw meat;
  • vegetables.

This division not only allows for more efficient food preservation. It also separates meat and dairy products, which, according to standards, cannot be stored side by side because of the risk of mutual contamination with unwanted microorganisms. For the same reason, raw meat should not be placed next to any cooked food.

It is better to store food on the door, guided by a similar principle. Eggs will be safer at the top, and the temperature at the bottom will be enough to cool drinks, for example. The lowest compartment on the door will also hold heavy glass bottles better.

The lower shelf is also better suited for storing raw meat and fish because this configuration prevents liquids from dripping off and contaminating other food. The trays with fruits and vegetables, which are located even lower, are usually well insulated from liquids, so you don't risk anything here.

As for the vegetable compartment, it is better not to put greens, root vegetables, onions, garlic, and tomatoes there. They will last longer at room temperature or in cool rooms like a garage, and greens can be stored in a container of water like a bouquet.

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