How to store carrots to keep them crisp: scientists have calculated the ideal conditions

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Harvesting carrots

Carrots are a tasty and healthy crop that will be a great addition to many dishes. After harvesting a bountiful crop, gardeners want to keep carrots crisp and fresh for as long as possible. However, they are often met with unpleasant surprises: the roots begin to soften and even rot.

Store-bought carrots also begin to lose their properties after a few days in the refrigerator. The experts told us how to store carrots to keep them crisp.

These are not just tips from experienced gardeners, but the results of extensive scientific research. Scientists have been studying how cooling affects the inner core of carrots. A cold environment keeps food fresh, but air convection dries it out.

The researchers found that carrots lose up to 22% of their weight in the refrigerator, causing the vegetable to lose its softness and shrink by an average of 0.37% per day. Sliced carrots tend to bend along their axis, a mechanical property known as "residual stress."

The Royal Society Open Science has published the results of 3D modeling. The testing revealed a way to keep carrots crisp.

It's not enough to just put carrots in the fridge - they need an airtight container. So store them in cold, moderately humid conditions and in airtight containers.

If you store carrots in a pantry or cellar, pour slightly damp sand into a box with a layer of 3-5 cm and place the carrots on top. The sand will prevent the vegetables from wilting and even prevent the development of rot.

You can use thick bags or plastic sacks. They should be filled with carrots and kept unopened in a cool room.

Onion husks will perfectly protect against rot. Put carrots and onion peels in the containers alternately and place them in the cellar or basement.

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