How to soften towels: simple ways

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Vinegar and baking soda will make towels soft as new

Even the softest towels made of the best material can become stiffer over time. This can be caused by salts in the water, excessive amounts of detergent, and, surprisingly, fabric softener.

Over time, all of these substances accumulate in the fibers that are supposed to absorb water and turn into a rather dense deposit. Fortunately, it can be dissolved and the towels can be made soft again. OBOZ.UA found out how to do it.

The universal duo of vinegar and baking soda can help fix the problem. The acid contained in vinegar dissolves salts from water and detergent residues well, and baking soda deodorizes, disinfects and neutralizes vinegar residues. How to use them for towels? Here's a step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Vinegar

Mix one cup of vinegar with the same amount of water: this mixture will be the softener that will restore the condition of the towels. Put the towels in the machine without adding detergent and start the cycle with a high temperature. When the machine is filled with water, pour the vinegar mixture into the powder compartment or directly into the drum. The result will be limescale-free towels.

Step 2: Baking soda

When the full vinegar cycle is complete, do not remove the towels but add half a cup of baking soda to the drum. Start the wash again. This time you can choose a shorter program, but the water should still be hot. The baking soda will remove the vinegar odor and make the towels even softer. All you have to do is dry them and enjoy how nice they are.

Use this method only when necessary as excessive use of vinegar can accelerate the wear and tear of the fabric fibers. To keep the softness longer, use liquid detergents for washing towels, add less of them than usual, and completely avoid using conditioner or combined products with its content.

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