How to smooth out wrinkled faux leather furniture: an ingenious life hack

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How to care for leather furniture

When we choose faux leather furniture for our living room or office, we rely on quality and longevity. However, leather chairs and sofas can start to wrinkle over time.

These wrinkles can range from soft wavy folds to larger creases, which generally give the appearance of significant wear and tear. Lifehacker has explained how to smooth out wrinkled faux leather furniture.

Furniture made with faux leather is usually comfortable to sit on, but it is also prone to wrinkles. Naturally, any material wears out over time, and light wrinkling is quite normal.

If these irregularities spoil the overall look of the furniture and create a sloppy effect, you can remove wrinkles even at home.

Step 1. Dampen a clean cloth with a mixture of mild dishwashing detergent and warm water and wipe the wrinkled parts of the sofa or chair.

Step 2. Dampen another clean cloth with clean, warm water and rinse thoroughly over the cleaned areas before drying with a clean cloth or towel.

Step 3. Turn on your hair dryer and set it to the highest temperature. Aim the hair dryer at the wrinkled area, about 20-25 cm from the skin, constantly moving it so that the hot air does not blow directly on one spot for more than a few seconds.

Continue blow-drying this area of the skin until the heat begins to smooth out the wrinkles. This may take several minutes.

After that, you should complete the procedure by conditioning the skin with cool air.

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