How to simulate cleanliness at home: eight secrets of experienced hostesses

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Fresh flowers and bright light create the illusion of cleanliness and order

Imagine that your friends or relatives decide to surprise you and come to visit, and your place is not clean. Time is short and there is a lot of work to do. What should you do in this case?

Experienced household enthusiasts say that it is not necessary to do a general cleaning in this case. You can create the illusion of order and cleanliness in 8 simple steps. OBOZ.UA publishes a list of these steps. None of them will take you much time and effort, but the effect will be tangible.

Think about who is coming to you and for what purpose

If you are waiting for friends for tea, you are unlikely to have to clean your bedroom, so you can definitely skip this step and focus on the kitchen and dining area. If you're planning to watch a movie, it's better to clean the sofa from pet hair rather than tidy up the kitchen. In short, clean only in the area where you will receive guests. You can relax about the rest.

Tame the clutter

Randomly scattered things create a stronger impression that the room is untidy than dust on the floor and shelves. So before your guests arrive, just put everything in its place. The hottest spots will be the hallway, living room, and kitchen, where your visitors are most likely to visit. If you need to clean up very quickly, just take a laundry basket and throw everything in it, hiding it out of sight. But don't forget to take it apart later.

Turn on the lights

Studies have shown that people perceive well-lit rooms as cleaner than dark rooms. One experiment in 2013 even proved that people considered outright garbage cleaner if it was lying in a bright light. This may be due to evolutionary reasons, as our ancestors associated sunlight with health in ancient times. Just keep in mind one thing – in good light, all the dust will be visible.

Organize your soft goods

A single crumpled towel can ruin the look of a perfectly cleaned room. It's all about the ability of textiles and soft objects to disturb harmony. Therefore, before guests arrive, fold towels and napkins, tidy up sofa cushions and blankets, and make the bed.

Wipe down visible surfaces

Dusty surfaces are one of the main enemies of a sense of order. But fighting dust in remote nooks and crannies is a big job. Therefore, before guests arrive, wipe only those surfaces that are in sight. Wash the floor and tables, and go through the shelves at eye level and below. It is unlikely that any of the guests will climb into the closet or under the bed to check if it is clean. In addition, pay attention to anything that shines or has stains on it – mirrors, glass on the front door, metal faucets, etc.

Take care of the smell

One of the main signals that indicate cleanliness is the scent of lemon. Therefore, before your guests arrive, light a scented candle with a citrus scent. You can also buy a lemon dusting agent and use it – the effect will be great, too. However, don't forget to take out the trash, because the stench of waste cannot be hidden. Ventilation will also be helpful.

Add a plant or bouquet

A 2021 study showed that people consider rooms with plants and other greenery cleaner than rooms without them. Therefore, place your favorite lush flowerpot or fresh bouquet in the area where you will be hosting guests.

Prepare for the next time

Nothing helps you prepare for unexpected guests like regular house cleaning. It's better to do a little bit every day rather than spending the whole weekend on housekeeping. And don't be afraid to use tools and instruments that will make your task easier. A robot vacuum cleaner and a dishwasher are not a whim, but great devices for keeping your home clean.

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