How to sharpen knives quickly: a trick that few people know about

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How to sharpen knives

A knife is an indispensable tool in the kitchen. The blade quickly becomes dull from frequent use, and it is not always possible to sharpen it with special equipment.

However, there is a way to quickly sharpen a knife without even using a sharpener. OBOZ.UA tells you about a useful trick that few people know about.

Experts advise sharpening table knives at an angle of 55-70 degrees, and household knives at an angle of 30-35 degrees. If you don't have a sharpener in the kitchen and need to act quickly, you should try this interesting but no less effective life hack.

Step 1. You will need ceramic dishes. Place the dishes upside down on a flat work surface. This will expose the unglazed rim.

Ceramic dishes will come in handy

Step 2. Choose one of the knives to be sharpened. Take it by the handle, put the blade against the rim and hold it at an angle of 30 to 45 degrees. Slowly pull the knife tip along the ceramic edge: from the handle to the tip of the blade.

Step 3. Repeat the procedure 5-10 times, then turn the blade over and sharpen the other side of the knife. A dark mark may be left on the bottom of the dish: this is an indicator that the method is working and the ceramic is grinding away small pieces of metal.

Continue the process until the blade is sharp enough. After that, be sure to rinse the knife to remove any metal residue and wipe the blade with a towel.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA talked about other ways to sharpen knives.

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