How to save a cactus that has begun to dry and rot: effective tips

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How to care for a cactus

A cactus is an unpretentious plant, but this does not mean that it is not susceptible to disease. For healthy growth, cacti need three conditions: adequate watering, optimal sunlight, and well-drained soil.

Waterlogging can lead to root rot. Externally, this will be noticeable by a change in color - the cactus will turn yellow-brown or even begin to blacken. House Digest has explained how to save a cactus that has begun to dry and rot.

Caring for a cactus

Insufficient watering will also cause damage - the cactus will begin to dry out and shrink in size, using up its moisture reserves. Low temperatures and moist soil lead to loss of density and rot, and intense sunlight can cause third-degree burns.

Root rot is usually caused by a fungus, which makes the plant vulnerable to infections. All rot must be cut off to prevent it from spreading further.

How to save a cactus

Check the roots carefully to make sure the soil is not too dry or wet. If there is too much water, let it dry by placing the container in a well-lit place protected from direct sunlight.

If the cactus has been weak for a long time, it may take several weeks to "rescue". Each variety of cactus has specific needs for sunlight and watering, so pay attention to the characteristics of your plant.

Try repotting the cactus. Check the condition of the soil and watch out for roots that may come out of the bottom of the pot. Even healthy cacti benefit from repotting every few years. Be sure to choose a pot with drainage holes.

Peat moss, coarse sand and perlite or pumice can be added to a special substrate. After transplanting, water the cactus thoroughly and give it time to adapt and recover.

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