How to reuse candle jars: an original idea

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Life hacks with candles

Once upon a time, before the war and blackouts, candles were just an atmospheric attribute. Now they have become a necessity: remembering last year's blackouts, many people made a strategic stockpile.

During the winter holidays, candles created an atmosphere of coziness and family warmth. Scented candles leave behind jars that are usually thrown away. However, House Digest experts advise you to try an interesting life hack.

How to remove wax residue

The easiest way to remove wax residue is to place the candle jar in the freezer overnight. The cold environment will freeze the wax. The hardened material will be easy to scrape off with a table knife. However, this method is suitable for jars that do not have a glued wick.

Otherwise, pour boiling water into the jar and leave it for several hours. Do not fill the jar to the brim as there should be space for the molten wax to float to the surface. Do not pour the wax into the sink as it will harden and clog the drainage pipes. Experts also recommend putting the jars in the oven or using a double boiler to get rid of the wax. When the wax comes off, use nail polish remover with acetone to remove the stickers from the glass decorative item.

Life hack with jars

Jars without lids can be used as storage containers for makeup brushes and hair accessories. Add colorful beads and stones to the jar to make it look more impressive.

How to reuse candle jars: an original idea

For another life hack, you'll need a drill, hammer, nail gun, and a wooden board. Put on your safety glasses and place the lid on the wooden board with the inside facing down. Place the hole punch in the middle of the lid and hammer it in to create a bull's-eye for the drill. Note that you can skip this step and use a marker to mark the middle of the lid if you are confident with the drill. Once you have the desired hole, use the screws to add the handles to the lid. The container can be used to store cotton pads, decorative soap and other cosmetics.

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