How to make things shiny black again: an interesting life hack

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How to wash black clothes

Black clothing is an unchanging and always relevant classic. However, over time, these things fade and lose their attractive appearance. Faded black fabrics can be saved with simple and affordable ingredients.

First of all, it is important to follow the principles of proper washing. Read the OBOZ.UA article on how to restore the color of faded clothes.

How to wash black clothes

Everyone knows the first rule of washing black clothes: dark fabrics should be washed separately from light ones. This will help prevent color fading.

Black clothes can be pre-soaked in a vinegar solution. Before machine washing, mix water, ½ cup of white vinegar, and a few spoons of salt in a container to help protect the color. A mesh bag will be useful for machine washing to prevent damage to the fibers.

Black clothes should not be dried in the sun to preserve fiber quality and color.

How to save faded clothes

You can take the easy way out and just buy a detergent in the store that is specifically designed to restore the shine to black fabrics. There are also liquids to protect the pigments of dark clothes. However, please note that you must follow the dosage indicated on the label to avoid stains on black clothes.

You can also buy dyes – they are more effective on natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, or silk. Experts recommend mixing the dye with warm water – the solution will be absorbed into the fibers, and the fabric will acquire a natural black hue.

There are also so-called home life hacks. For example, coffee will come in handy. You just need to soak the fabric in strong coffee or add a cup of coffee to the washing machine.

Tea is also an effective natural dye. Soak the black fabric in a brew of natural black tea for about 30 minutes.

Experts also recommend a rather unusual life hack. Spinach water prevents color fading and restores saturation to black clothes. Before washing, you need to soak the clothes in water where a bunch of spinach was previously cooked.

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