How to restore shine to pots and pans: only one ingredient is needed

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What to clean pots and pans with

Pots and pans get dirty very quickly. Burnt grease, dirt, and food residue sometimes penetrate the surface so deeply that even expensive products fail to remove the stains.

There is one very simple, cheap, and most importantly, eco-friendly and natural life hack that will help you clean your dishes quickly. Read how to restore shine to pots and pans in the OBOZREVATEL article.

You can get rid of old traces of carbon deposits in a natural way and without any extra effort. While pots are more or less easy to clean, the situation with pans is more complicated.

Only one product will help get rid of soot. We are talking about lemon. You don't have to inhale harmful chemical fumes or damage your hands with aggressive substances.

The lemon will clean pots and pans and, as a nice bonus, restore their shine. The effectiveness is explained by the large amount of acid in the composition, which disinfects the surface and destroys bacteria.

Cut a few lemons into quarters, put them in a container, cover with water, put on the stove and bring to a boil.

After boiling, let the lemons steep for about 10 minutes. The acid will work, and everything that is burnt will separate from the surface of the dishes.

Rice cereal will also help to remove burnt dirt. Pour a handful of rice into a container, add a glass of water and put it on the stove. Cook the cereal until it becomes soft. After that, turn off the fire under the pot and let it cool down - the scum should come off easily and leave no trace.

Vinegar, salt, and water are other effective ways to get rid of carbon deposits on the surface of pans. 

By the way, lemon will also add shine to glassware. Mix lemon juice with a little water, wipe the glass, and wipe it dry with a napkin. Read more about the life hack in the article.

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