How to replace a spatula if you need to fix a flaw on the wall quickly: an ingenious life hack

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Life hacks for repairs. Source: Created with the help of AI

There is an easy way to fix a bump on the wall, even without using a spatula. If you find cracks, bubbles, damage, or other imperfections on the wall that need to be fixed immediately, and you don't have a professional tool at hand, don't worry.

You can fix the damage with a popular item that you already have in your wallet. How to replace a spatula in an emergency, House Digest tells you.

A simple life hack

A sturdy plastic card is more flexible than a spatula, making it an even more effective tool for creating an even distribution of the material. In addition, it is quite easy to wash off the plastic putty. Of course, you don't need to take a bank card, but a variety of loyalty or discount cards from chain stores will do.

Step-by-step instructions

The Internet shows how to level a wall with a card.

First, remove any air bubbles or uneven parts on the wall. It is best to do this carefully with a small knife.

Experts recommend using fine-grained sandpaper to smooth the edges around the damaged area – you don't want any extra fragments protruding at all.

Once the damaged area is smooth, a plastic card will come in handy. Choose a flat plastic card without any embossed letters or numbers. Apply a little material to the card like a spatula.

Wait until the putty is completely dry – this usually takes one to two hours. In some cases, the putty may press into the wall and create an uneven surface. If this happens, apply the material again until the wall is smooth.

Sand the area thoroughly until you can run your finger smoothly over the wall. Then clean the drywall dust around and paint the surface.

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