How to remove yellowing on the bathtub: you will need three simple ingredients

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Make sure the product is suitable for your bathtub type

There can be several reasons for the appearance of yellowing on the tub: from hard water that leaves salt stains to the natural aging of the material. Sometimes, to get rid of the problem, you have to call professionals. However, there are also home methods to clean yellow stains in the bathroom to keep it in good condition.

OBOZREVATEL has collected several recipes. For them, you will need improvised means that can be found in almost every kitchen. Moreover, they will be quite inexpensive.

Rules for cleaning the bathtub

First of all, it is important to find out what kind of cleaning method is suitable for the bathtub you have. For example, an acrylic bathtub is very sensitive to various abrasives like powders and creams with granules. They can severely scratch it, which will only aggravate the yellowing problem. Alcohol-based products are also not suitable as they dissolve acrylic and can damage the bathtub. Instead, this material tolerates cleaning with chlorine-containing products. So, for an acrylic bathtub, use sprays and liquids with chlorine.

An enamel bathtub is more resistant to abrasives. However, acid-based products and any chlorine bleach are not suitable for it. This can lead to corrosion and rust stains. Therefore, it is better to clean the enamel bathtub with powdered products or liquids of a milder action.

Here are three ways to clean bathtubs based on home remedies.

Baking soda

Soda is an almost universal cleaner as it acts as a mild abrasive. However,  it is not suitable for an acrylic bathtub. Therefore, you can clean cast iron and metal bathtubs with soda. The powder is simply applied to a damp sponge and used to treat a stain or dirty surface. You should not leave soda on the stain as it can not corrode the pollutant. It degreases, has a mild disinfectant effect, and cleans mechanically.

Citric acid

Citric acid will clean acrylic bathtubs well. Dissolve 1 tablespoon of the product in a glass of very warm water and mix thoroughly until it dissolves completely. This liquid can be used as a spray or applied with a sponge. In any case, wear gloves when working with acidic products. A citric acid-based product can be left on the stain for 10-15 minutes, especially if it is a hard water stain. Then it is simply washed off with warm water.

Hydrogen peroxide and ammonia

This product should be used not only with gloves but also with a respirator as ammonia can irritate the upper respiratory tract. However, this product whitens all types of baths. Simply mix 1 part peroxide with 2 parts ammonia and apply this liquid to the contaminated surface. You should not leave this liquid to act, it is better to simply reapply it.

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