How to remove sticky stains from an iron: two products that can help

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How to clean an iron

Sometimes the iron starts to burn, and a dark coating appears on it. Sticky stains can cause a lot of problems and lead to damage to your clothes.

These stains are difficult to remove and can reappear with each subsequent heating. OBOZREVATEL figured out how to clean an iron quickly, efficiently, and cheaply.

First, pour all the water out of the iron and turn off the steam. Place a dry cotton towel on the ironing board, heat the iron, and run the hot surface over the cotton several times. Then take salt, a paper or cotton towel, or a newspaper. Put a spoonful of salt on the surface and run the iron over it until the surface is free of stains.

Experts also recommend preparing a special solution. In a container, mix water and baking soda in a 1:2 ratio. You should get a paste-like mixture. Apply it to the surface of the iron and wipe it with a damp cloth.

The third life hack will help you clean the ventilation holes. Pour a pre-prepared solution into the water tank. Add ¼ cup of vinegar to ¾ cup of distilled water. Insert cotton swabs dampened with water into the air vents of the iron. Then turn the iron on to full power and turn it over the container. Turn on the steam mode and wait - the scale will soon begin to dissolve and flow out.

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