How to remove sensitive personal information from Google searches: a simple tiphack

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Discovery of personal information in Google searches can be shocking

Googling your own name and seeing a few search engine results can be fun, but only until your personal information - phone number, email, etc. - shows up. This is where the average user gets a laugh.

Luckily, Google recently debuted a fairly simple mobile-first feature that allows you to remove your personal information from search results. NextPit explains how to do it yourself and what information to delete.

What you can delete and why

"Delete data about you" is a tool added to the main Google app. It is still in beta stage, so it is still not available to all mobile users.

Google allows you to remove from search queries about you:

  • phone numbers, email addresses or home addresses;
  • bank account and credit card numbers;
  • confidential government ID numbers;
  • images of identity cards, documents, handwritten signatures;
  • medical records;
  • passwords and other credentials.

With Google search taking up the majority of the search engine market on the World Wide Web, deleting your sensitive information and personal data will greatly reduce the risk of unwanted security breaches or spying.

How to delete Google search results about yourself

If the delete feature is available on your Android smartphone, here's what you'll need to do to delete your contact numbers, email, and home address. The procedure on iPhone smartphones may be slightly different, but not significantly so.

  • open the Google app and select your profile;
  • tap Results about you;
  • select Go to search and enter your name or address;
  • tap the three dots next to any results showing your information;
  • Click Delete Result and follow the instructions.

A request to delete your information will then be sent to Google. You can track the progress of your requests in your Google Results account settings.

It's worth noting that Google admits that no matter how effective this procedure is, it will only remove your information from search results. If you want to permanently remove your information from the Internet, you will have to go to a hosting service that provides hosting services.

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