How to remove marker stains from a couch: a parenting life hack

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Creative children use all sorts of surfaces for their drawings

If you have a little artist living in your home, anything can become a canvas for him or her - wallpaper on the wall, furniture, a leather sofa, or an armchair. They will also use whatever comes to hand. They will use ballpoint pens and even permanent markers, which are the most challenging to remove.

The young daughter of TikTok blogger Claire Edwards likes to draw in this way. So her mom invented a life hack to remove traces of her art without effort and shared it with her subscribers. (To watch the video, scroll down to the end of the news story)

"This is just crazy," the blogger captioned her video. In it, she shows a chair covered in brown leather, completely marked with a marker. The little artist who created the masterpiece is also in the frame.

Next, Claire takes a spray of sunscreen, generously applies it to the stained chair, leaves it on for a few seconds, and easily erases the traces of the permanent marker. At the time of writing, the number of views of this amazing life hack has exceeded one million.

In the comments, users expressed their delight at how easy it is to remove marker traces this way. Some shared their life hacks. Among other tools that help combat the problem, medical alcohol took the first place. Commenters also praised the effectiveness of nail polish and hairspray remover.

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