How to remove grease stains from clothes: you only need one ingredient

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Dishwashing liquid can help not only in the kitchen but also with stains on clothes. A drop of detergent can easily tackle even the oldest grease stains.

This was reported by users of a Facebook community about cleanliness and cleaning, which has more than 631,000 members. Anne-Marie Stough turned to the group for advice after discovering grease stains on her husband's pants after washing them, as reported by the Express.

The post received numerous comments, with the most popular recommendation being to use dishwashing liquid.

User Teresa Baxter commented on the post: "I added a little cold water to the stain, then covered it with Fairy liquid, rubbed it in, and left it overnight. Then, I washed it as usual, and it disappeared immediately. Good luck.

How to remove grease stains from clothes: you only need one ingredient

Caroline Black advised rubbing the stain with Fairy liquid, rubbing it well with a little water, leaving it on for 20 minutes, and then washing the clothes again.

Other suggestions included using talcum powder and elbow cream.

As OBOZREVATEL reported, earlier scientists told which household items contain a lot of germs.

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