How to wash thermal underwear correctly: tips that will keep clothes for a long time

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How to wash and dry thermal underwear

During the cold season, it's especially important to keep your body warm, so buying thermal underwear will be a good investment in your health. It's comfortable and effective clothing, but if washed improperly, it can quickly get damaged and lose its properties.

First of all, you need to study the information on the product label – depending on what fibers the item is made of, you should choose the right washing mode. Read how to wash thermal underwear in the OBOZ.UA article.

Washing temperature

Hot water can ruin the fibers, and if the composition contains wool, the clothes are likely to shrink in size. The maximum temperature for washing thermal underwear is 30 degrees.

Tips for washing

The first step is to inspect the garment before washing, fasten all zippers, velcro, and turn the garment inside out.

You can use liquid detergents to wash thermal underwear and sportswear that effectively remove dirt, including sweat stains and unpleasant odors. Conventional laundry gels will also come in handy – unlike powders, they wash out well from the fabric, especially when hand-washing.

If the composition contains wool, it is better to use special products for washing delicate fabrics.

Do not use bleaches, aggressive stain removers, and gels containing chlorine. Some components can damage the fabric.

You should not use conditioners and rinses when washing thermal underwear. Experts explain this by the fact that such products will clog the fibers, causing the fabric to lose its properties.

Tips for hand washing

  1. Dissolve the liquid detergent in a container of water, following the recommendations in the instructions.
  2. Thermal underwear does not need to be soaked for a long time – 5 minutes is enough.
  3. When washing, try not to stretch the fibers or rub the fabric.
  4. Rinse the item in cool water and remove excess liquid without twisting the product. It is better to wrap the thermal underwear in a terry towel and remove the water by slightly squeezing the fabric.

Tips for machine washing

  1. Select from the following modes: "delicate wash", "hand wash", "or wool" or set the parameters yourself, taking into account the recommendations on the label.
  2. Do not wash thermal laundry and delicate fabrics at temperatures above 30 degrees.
  3. The speed should be set to the minimum.
  4. If your washing machine has an automatic drying function, turn it off.
  5. Do not hang thermal laundry on dryers, radiators, or radiators. High temperatures deform the fibers, and the fabric will lose its properties.

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