How to properly lay out utensils: dinner etiquette

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Table etiquette

The culture of table behavior requires adherence to the rules of etiquette that are generally accepted in most countries. Of course, there are some nuances related to the peculiarities of an ethnic group or region, but we are talking about traditional rules of behavior in a restaurant, cafe, or business reception.

A video by Canadian blogger and etiquette expert Dr. Clinton Lee caused a real stir online. The expert tried to explain how to properly put away the dishes during dinner.

Let's imagine a situation: you came to dinner, sat down at the table, and the waiter brought out the dish. You pick up your cutlery, cut off a piece of steak, and start chewing on it. What should you do with the fork and knife in this case: hold them in your hands, put them on the plate, or put them next to the plate?

Clinton Lee emphasized that cutlery should not be held in your hands while chewing food, but should be put down. But where - this is a question because unanimity has not been reached.

According to the experts, there are two schools of thought on this issue. According to the first, when chewing food, the knife should be placed on the plate and the fork on top of the knife. There is another option: after cutting off a piece, you put it in your mouth, and then the fork should be on one side of the plate, and the knife on the other.

The etiquette expert advises deciding how to act according to the situation: you need to observe how the hosts eat.

Many people thought these rules were too strict, as it is much more convenient to hold the cutlery in your hands. Some people wrote that they chew food in seconds, so it's rather inappropriate to fiddle with a fork and knife. Other users noted that it was difficult for them to imagine a feast where they would use any of these techniques, except perhaps for royal meals. However, some found the rules of etiquette "to their liking." One user admitted that he recently went on a cruise and tried to use the cutlery tips. He liked the tips and felt like a sophisticated representative of high society.

Etiquette rules are not about whims and ostentation. Etiquette is needed to show respect for others, to ensure a comfortable stay in restaurants, and to simply enjoy the process of eating.

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