How to propagate chrysanthemum in the fall from cuttings: instructions

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How to grow lush chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are exquisite flowers that decorate the garden with blooms until late autumn. Due to the variety of varietal forms, bright colors, unpretentiousness and hardiness, the plants have gained great popularity among gardeners.

Chrysanthemums will bloom until frost in a well-lit, sunny place with fertile soil, fertilized, for example, with humus.How to propagate chrysanthemums in the fall - read the article on OBOZ.UA.

How to propagate a chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums can be propagated in several ways:

  • by sowing seeds for seedlings;
  • by dividing the bush;
  • rooted cuttings.

The plant should be cut in the fall or spring. The optimal time for autumn cuttings is in late October and early November.

Autumn cuttings

The first step is to prepare the bed. The best substrate is a mixture of peat, forest soil with sand or perlite.

It is important that the medium has an optimal pH level. To reduce acidity, you can add the following components to the soil:

  • slaked lime
  • crushed chalk;
  • dolomite flour.

Stages of cuttings

  1. You need to select shoots 7-15 cm long. With later fertilization, for example, in the second decade of November, the shoots should be no more than 5-6 cm.
  2. Experienced gardeners advise choosing shoots for cuttings that have 2-3 internodes and 3-4 leaves.
  3. Please note that the shoots should not be weak, lignified, or too soft. A healthy, hardy plant will not grow from soft or damaged shoots.
  4. Cut cuttings from the middle part of the shoot. The cut should be oblique.
  5. Leave the cut shoots in water. You can also add a growth stimulant.
  6. Plant the plant in the ground as soon as the roots appear. If you overexpose the sprouts to water, they will rot or fail to take root in the soil.
  7. After following these steps, the plant can be planted in a greenhouse.

Caring for cuttings

It is important to provide the chrysanthemum with greenhouse conditions. It is recommended to cover the shoots with a transparent jar, plastic bottle, or film.

Sudden temperature changes can interfere with rooting. Experts note that the temperature favorable for cuttings is +23 +25 ° C.

Waterlogging can lead to waterlogging, mold, and plant decay. Fungal spores multiply extremely quickly, and it will be difficult to save the chrysanthemum.

Chrysanthemums need fresh air, so you should ventilate the greenhouse regularly.

Spring care

In the spring, it is important to mulch to help maintain a moderate level of soil moisture and protect the plants from overheating in the heat.

Chrysanthemums are susceptible to powdery mildew, so root watering is a priority. Do not plant the plants too densely - air circulation will help to quickly dry the morning dew and raindrops.

Fertilize during the flowering period. Usually, three fertilizations are done per season, alternately saturating the soil with mineral and organic fertilizers.

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