How to prepare the garden for spring: main points that should not be missed

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To make the garden look gorgeous in the warm season, it's time to prepare it now

Spring is on its way, and the busiest time for summer residents is about to begin. It's best to approach it with a clear plan of action.

With this list, you will definitely not forget to do anything in the garden. OBOZ.UA compiled it based on the recommendations of professional gardeners. After completing all the points, you will know that your bushes and trees will meet the heat fully prepared.

Inspect the plants

After winter frosts and winds, some plants may need treatment or even transplantation. Take a look around your garden and treat anything that didn't fare so well over the winter.

Prune trees and shrubs

Do not delay this procedure. As soon as the plants start to sap, it's too late. Remove all dead, diseased, and damaged branches and treat the cuts to prevent infection. Important warning: do not prune while it is still frosty. The air temperature should be at least two degrees Celsius.

Clean up the debris

Broken branches, last year's leaves, and various household debris will prevent young plants from germinating in the spring. Therefore, garbage must be properly disposed of: organic matter should be shredded and sent to compost, while plastic should be recycled, etc. Do not forget to collect last year's fruits: in the spring, they can become a breeding ground for insect pests.

Treat trees with protective substances

With the first warmth, not only the plants themselves wake up but also pests and infections. It can be very convenient for them to get inside the trees if their bark has cracked from the cold during the winter. Therefore, treat the plants with appropriate protective solutions. For example, whitewash the trunks with lime.

Protect the garden from rodents

In spring, mice, hares and other rodents are particularly active in gnawing off tree bark. Therefore, before the first warmth, you need to have time to replace the trim on the trunks. It is also recommended to trample the snow around the tree if it is still on the ground.

Make vaccinations

If you have been planning to graft your trees, the time before spring is a good time to do so. Check the cuttings you have prepared for the procedure and carry it out. Don't forget to disinfect the tools beforehand.

Take care of the mulch

To retain spring moisture in the soil and protect the plants from the cold, it will be good to cover the space around them with mulch. It will also keep weeds from growing in the spring. Don't forget to leave a small circle around the plant uncovered to allow the roots to get air.

Check your tools

Some metal tools can become rusty or dull over the winter. Check all of your shovels, rakes, pruners, and lawn mower, and get them in good shape.

Inspect the planting material

You need to plant healthy plants in the spring. Therefore, before the season starts, you should additionally check seedlings, cuttings, bulbs, and seeds for signs of rot or disease. This way you can also see if you need to buy anything.

Start planning your plot

Now is the time to draw out a garden plan to determine where you want to place the flower beds, where to plant herbs, and where to install decor. With a plan in hand, you'll be able to set up your garden faster.

Repair garden structures

Winter may not have the best effect on the condition of fences, greenhouses, sheds, trellises, etc. Check to see if they need any repairs. Even if they don't, it's a good idea to clean or paint them.

Apply fertilizers

To prepare the site for spring, the soil needs to be enriched with nutrients in advance. And now is the time for such fertilization. Decide whether you need mineral or organic fertilizers and use them.

Start collecting water

Melt or rainwater is the best for plant care because it is soft and neutral enough. Thus, in the spring, set up a tub on your property and start collecting snow in it. If you put it under the drainpipe, it will collect water running off the roof of the house in the summer and you will always have water in hand.

Build a place for compost

Compost is not only a good way to dispose of organic waste but also an opportunity to create organic fertilizer from it. Choose a place for a compost pit or heap and fill it with last year's mulch and leaves. However, don't forget that you need to place it away from young plants.

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