How to plant asters before winter: tips

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How to plant asters before winter

Asters are popular herbaceous plants that housewives often use to decorate their gardens. The main advantage is that these flowers can be planted not only in spring but also in late autumn, and this will only contribute to abundant and lush flowering next season.

OBOZ.UA has found effective tips that will help you cope with this. Planting asters before winter has many advantages.

  • The cold season will form a strong immunity to diseases in plants, and they will better tolerate temperature fluctuations;
  • The seeds will germinate earlier, so the flowers will bloom faster;
  • Asters can be sown at any time after the onset of cold weather, even if it has snowed;
  • The owners will save their time and can spend it on spring work.


The main thing is to choose the right place for the flowers. The area must receive enough sunlight. Fertilize the soil with humus and superphosphate, then dig it up and make a long, even hole in the ground.

Sprinkle with wood ash, cover everything with foil and wait for frost. Because asters can only be sown when the temperature is stable and cold.

When the soil is slightly frozen, sow the seeds and cover everything with earth.

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