How to choose jeans without trying them on: a TikTok life hack that went viral

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A life hack on how to choose the right pair of jeans has gone viral

A life hack that allows girls with any body type to choose pants without trying them on is gaining popularity online. To do this, beauties wrap them around their necks.

The video with the corresponding method on TikTok has collected more than a million likes. Users of the social network have already tried it on themselves (to see photos and videos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

The life hack was shared by two bloggers who showed their subscribers how to quickly and accurately determine their size in a store if, for example, they have little time for shopping or the fitting rooms are busy.

To do this, one of the girls threw her jeans over her back like a cloak and wrapped the belt around her neck, connecting the two ends. Her friend explained that you need to look closely to see if the clothes are hanging around your neck too tightly or loosely, because then they may be too small or too big.

For a life hack, you need to wrap your jeans around your neck

The famous fashion blogger Nicole Faye, who is used to checking online tips, tried this life hack on herself. She tried on a pair of jeans in a store in an unusual way and then bought them. At home, she demonstrated that the clothes fit her figure perfectly.

Jeans fit perfectly on the figure

The blogger's video has received about five million views and a million likes. More than 15,000 users left comments, but surprisingly, most of the most reactive posts said that many people knew about this life hack.

However, the virality of the video still proves that for some of them the information was new.

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