How to open a door if it is accidentally locked: professional tips

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It's not always worth the risk of opening the door yourself

It's not pleasant to find yourself locked out of your home. No matter where you are - outside or inside. And it's good if the problem is forgotten keys and someone will come and open the lock soon. But what if you either wait too long or there is no one to rescue you from such a situation?

The first thought here is to call a locksmith. But in some cases, you can help yourself with your own hands. OBOZ.UA has collected tips from professionals.

Interior doors

You can also get locked out of your home. The thing is that locks in interior doors are not made to be very reliable, and sometimes their tongue mechanism fails due to active use.

If the problem is with the jammed tongue, you need to grab the handle and push it all the way in - in this case, the tongue should go as deep as possible into the mechanism. When it is in the correct position, push or pull the door in the direction it is opening with a sharp movement. Only the movement should be really sharp and strong.

However, the lock may be jammed too much and the method may not work. In this case, you will have to disassemble the mechanism. You can remove it by unscrewing the screws that hold the outer plate. Usually, they are tightened quite loosely and can be removed without excessive effort. It's more important to put all the parts together carefully so that the lock can be put back together later.

Once you have released the internal mechanism of the lock, pull out the part that moves the tongue. It usually looks like a long, square tube that connects the handles on both sides. After that, the lock spring will weaken and the door can be easily opened.

But before you do, check the lock for a small hole near the handle or a place for a key. If there is, try inserting a thin, long object - a knitting needle, nail, etc. This is likely to be a kind of safety catch that will allow you to put the lock mechanism in place and open the door.

Front door

Locksmiths do not advise experimenting with front door locks. They have rather complicated mechanisms and different parts can get jammed - only a knowledgeable person can figure out the problem. Therefore, in this case, you cannot do without professional help. Although it will not be cheap.

A lock that is disassembled incorrectly or, even worse, broken during the disassembly process, will be impossible to put back together. Therefore, you will have to pay for the removal, the new lock, and the installation at once. So it's better not to take any chances.

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