How to machine wash a down jacket at home: useful tips

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Contrary to stereotypes, machine wash is good for down jackets

Stereotypes say that down jackets, regardless of whether they are natural or synthetic, are best dry-cleaned. In fact, laundry experts say that this type of outerwear can be cleaned by yourself.

Moreover, some experts say that it is best to wash down jackets in a machine. Dry cleaning fluid can damage the filler and it will lose its properties, and it can be too difficult to handle the item manually. OBOZ.UA asked how to take care of a down jacket with a washing machine.

First of all, it is better to keep in mind that it is safer to wash a down jacket in a front-loading machine. This way, there is no risk of it getting wrapped around the center axis of the drum. However, if you have a vertical loading machine, you can put a blanket or other large enough item in the drum to balance the wash.

How to prepare a down jacket for washing?

Before putting the garment in the drum, empty the pockets and fasten all the fasteners, regardless of their type. Be sure to unfasten all fur elements: they are best cleaned chemically.

When washing a down jacket, it is not necessary to use a mesh laundry bag. Instead, it is worth putting washing balls in the drum to prevent the filler from getting wrinkled. It is also important to read the label in advance, which contains care recommendations, and use it to choose the correct washing and spinning mode.

How to wash a down jacket in a washing machine?

When everything is ready to be washed in the machine, put the jacket in the drum and add a mild, odorless detergent to the appropriate tray. Set the temperature to low (most modern laundry detergents and gels work well even in very cold water). However, if the filler of the jacket is natural, it is still better to choose warm (but not hot) water. In cold water, down or feathers will not wash well and will become stiffer. It is also better to choose a special detergent for natural fill and use a very small amount of it, perhaps even less than the recommended amount. Conditioner or bleach must be avoided in any case.

It is better to set a delicate cycle. However, an additional cycle may be required for a full spin. If the jacket remains damp or wet, mold can form on it, so it's best to make sure that there is as little water in the fibers and filler as possible.

How to dry a down jacket?

For this type of item, it is better to choose air drying. High temperatures can damage the filling. However, if you still want to use a tumble dryer, make sure that the product is not wet, but slightly damp. In addition, choose a low or ultra-low temperature mode. If you choose to dry the item naturally, do not forget to shake it from time to time to loosen the filler.

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