How to make your own candle without wax: components are in every kitchen

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Both salt and an ordinary potato can serve as the basis for a candle

During long power outages, it is possible that all the lights and garlands will run out of power. In this case, a candle can save the day. But what if, say, all the candles in the stores were sold out and you didn't have any at home?

OBOZREVATEL tells you about two ways to make a candle with your own hands from what you have in the kitchen.

A candle made of oil and salt

To make a candle from oil and salt, you will need

  • refined vegetable oil - so that there is no odor during burning
  • rock salt;
  • a non-fusible container for the candle - a glass or glass with thick walls, a jar, a tin, etc;
  • material for the wick - toothpicks, cotton twine, or a specially purchased candle wick.

Pour salt into the candle container and mix it well with oil in a 1:1 ratio. In order to save money, you can use oil that has already been used to fry something, but in this case, the candle will emit a smell when burning. And not necessarily a pleasant one.

Next, you need to prepare the wick. You just need to cut a piece of cotton twine or special material to the required length. You'll have to tinker with toothpicks. You'll need to connect them with tape to make a long enough rod and wrap it tightly with cotton wool.

The resulting wick should be dipped in oil with one end, and then the opposite end should be inserted into the candle as deeply as possible. It is immediately ready for use.

If you wish, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to such a candle at the stage of mixing the base and it will turn into a scented candle.

Candle made from a potato

If you don't have a suitable jar or glass, an ordinary potato can serve as a candle container. What you will need:

  • a shallow clay or glass bowl;
  • a potato
  • wick
  • refined oil.

First, pour about 100 ml of oil into the bowl. Next, cut a circle about 1 cm thick from the potato, although you can use a little more, and make a hole in the middle where you will insert the oppression.

Brush the potato circle and the weight with vegetable oil and thread a string or toothpick through the hole so that it protrudes about 0.5 cm from the top.

Now put the potatoes in the bowl with the oil and light the makeshift candle. According to rough estimates, 100 ml of oil and a 3-5 cm long wick can burn and provide light for up to 6 hours.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL told you how to make a trench candle out of cardboard, paraffin, and a tin can, which not only gives light but can also serve as an improvised tile for heating water or heating food.

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