How to make wooden floor look like new: no scratches will be left behind

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Regular oil will help to remove scratches from the floor

No matter how well you care for your flooring, sooner or later it will get scratched. And then dirt will begin to collect in these micro-depressions, which will make the damage more visible over time. This is especially true for wooden surfaces. However, it's not that difficult to fix this problem. It is only important to know a few life hacks on how to restore a wooden floor yourself.

Sante Plus gives some tips on this. For a quick home restoration, you only need one product that is in every kitchen: sunflower oil.

How to use oil to restore the floor

Vacuum and wash the floor so that no dirt particles remain on it. Put a few drops of oil on a cotton cloth and start rubbing it into the surface in a circular motion. Scratches will begin to disappear literally before your eyes. If you have dark parquet, you can add a few drops of red wine vinegar to the oil.

The same method can be used for scratches on wooden furniture. However, the life hacks don't end there because there are many more types of flooring.

How to restore vinyl or PVC floors

These synthetic materials, despite their great durability, can also be scratched. You can reduce them with a furniture wax polish.

Prepare the surface by cleaning it, and then gently buff the area to be treated with a dry sponge or microfiber. Next, use the same microfiber or paper towel to apply a little wax paste and rub it in in a circular motion. Then carefully remove the remaining wax paste and polish the treated area to a shine.

This method will remove minor damage. Unfortunately, deep scratches on vinyl or PVC require professional restoration.

Floor polishing liquid

You can make your floor shine and reduce scratches with a special cleaning liquid. To make it, you will need:

  • 5 liters of warm water;
  • 30 ml of tea tree essential oil;
  • 100 ml of apple cider vinegar.

Vacuum and wash the floor, and then rub the liquid into the floor with your regular mop. Allow the surface to dry and admire the shine as it was on the first day.

Other ways to clean your floor

All of these options are suitable for the care of oil-refinished parquet. They will help to gently remove stains.

Vinegar works well for greasy stains. Add a little distilled vinegar to the washing water and wipe the stained areas. However, do not overdo it with the concentration as vinegar can destroy the protective floor covering.

You can also use a mild laundry soap to clean your parquet floor: dissolve a small amount in the washing water. Remember that this recipe is not suitable for varnished floors.

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