How to make the bed always smell fresh: a simple life hack

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Eucalyptus scent is called the perfect choice for the bedroom

Wouldn't you like to wake up every morning to a fresh, natural smell that invigorates and energizes you? It could help you wake up faster and feel inspired for the day. Experts say that you don't need to spend a lot of money on special bedding or wash it often to smell the air conditioner.

As OBOZ.UA found out, all these benefits are provided by just one natural substance that can be purchased at any pharmacy. We are talking about eucalyptus essential oil.

The natural smell of eucalyptus helps to overcome drowsiness and lethargy, improves mood and reduces fatigue. It also repels insects, which can be especially useful in the warm season, when we are bothered by mosquitoes.

How to make a bedding spray with eucalyptus oil? Take a small spray bottle, 30 drops of the oil itself, and some distilled water. And don't forget about an emulsifier that will help combine these two substances, because they do not mix on their own. It can be, for example, ordinary table salt. Apply oil to a quarter teaspoon of salt and pour it into a spray bottle. Pour in a glass of distilled or at least simply filtered water and shake well to mix all the ingredients. The spray is ready. It can be applied to sheets, blankets, pillows, mattress covers, and rugs. When they are completely dry in a few minutes, a pleasant light scent will remain on the fabric.

But avoid overuse. In large quantities, essential oils can cause burns on the skin, provoke asthma attacks, and can be harmful to pets, especially if they sleep with you. Therefore, use the product in moderation.

If for some reason eucalyptus doesn't work for you, you can replace it with mint, citrus, rosemary, or any coniferous essential oil. Or choose something else to suit your taste and needs. The main thing is to use the spray carefully, and it will only do you good.

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