How to make perfume last all day: the rules of application that few people know about

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How to apply perfume correctly

Summer heat is the main enemy of perfumes. The scent of even the most expensive brands can quickly fade away, leaving the environment smelling unpleasantly of sweat and stale.

According to experts, it is important to remember the main factors that will prevent weathering: the right places of application, sufficient moisture and optimal concentration. OBOZREVATEL figured out how to make your perfume last all day.

Rule 1. Moisturise

Before applying perfume, be sure to apply a high-quality moisturiser, preferably unscented. This is the first and foremost rule to prevent weathering. It is ideal to use a lotion that matches the scent of the chosen perfume. Often, brands produce lines - perfume, lotion and deodorant.

Rule 2: Pulse points

Pulse points are the warmest places on the body, because that's where the blood is closest to the skin surface. Experts recommend spraying the fragrance on:

  • wrists;
  • the area behind the ears;
  • neck;
  • behind the knees (especially relevant for the summer season of dresses and shorts);
  • behind the elbows.

However, don't overdo it - choose one or two places to spray and don't apply the perfume to each of the above points.

The most common mistake is rubbing your wrists after spraying. This is absolutely not allowed. This will damage the molecules in the fragrance and change its smell.

Rule 3: Hair

If you want to leave a pleasant trail of scent on your hair, you should never apply perfume directly to your curls - alcohol will instantly dry them out and spoil their structure. There are special aromatic hair sprays available - they are worth buying. Alternatively, apply the perfume to a comb, wait for it to dry and comb your hair.

Rule 4. Concentration

A distinction should be made between perfumes, eau de parfum, eau de toilette and sprays:

  • perfumes are the most long-lasting and long-lasting, as they contain about 20-40% of fragrance oil;
  • eau de parfum contains 10-20% of fragrance oil;
  • eau de toilette contains 10% of fragrance oil;
  • body sprays contain only 1-3% of fragrance oil.

It would seem that the choice is obvious - the most concentrated perfumes. However, experts advise choosing eau de parfum for everyday use.

Perfumes are applied dotted - with your fingers on the pulse points, they are not sprayed or smeared on the hair.

Eau de parfum and eau de toilette are sprayed into the air and then passed through this cloud, so the molecules are evenly distributed over the skin.

Pay attention to the ingredients. Woody and oriental notes will last longer on the skin, while fruity notes will fade the fastest.

Rule 5. The right time

Perfume should be applied immediately after taking a shower - moisture will fix the smell. Do not spray the perfume on your clothes.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL told how to choose the right personal scent by mixing several compositions. These rules will make life easier, as you won't have to buy new bottles of the product.

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