How to make a money tree bloom: five simple methods

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Money tree

The fat woman or crassula is a popular houseplant, often called the money tree. The owners choose this particular flowerpot because of its unpretentious care and unusual appearance.

But not everyone has the opportunity to see the tree bloom. OBOZ.UA has found five simple methods that will help in the development of decorative culture.

Transplant the plant

The money tree needs to be replanted every few years. Choose a pot that is not too large and deep, as this will only slow down the growth of the plant. A medium-sized container will do.

Put a drainage layer on the bottom to allow the root system to breathe freely. Expanded clay, pebbles, crushed stone or broken brick are suitable for this. Then lay out a mixture of nutritious soil that is designed for growing succulents.

You can also add charcoal in powder form. Next, carefully place the flowerpot in the pot and cover it with soil. Do not water the money tree immediately after transplanting, rather place the plant in a shady place and spray it with lukewarm water.

Pruning the crown

Cut off any shoot that has stopped growing. Timely pruning will improve the development of young shoots, make the trunk thicker, and the bush will grow evenly, forming a beautiful crown.

This procedure is best done in spring or summer. Please note that only a small number of branches can be removed during one pruning so that the plant can quickly regain strength.


The money tree should be fertilized from March to September, during which time the plant needs potassium and phosphorus. It is advisable to use a ready-made complex, universal fertilizer or a fertilizer designed for succulents.

Fertilize the soil once a month. Apply fertilizer to moist soil so as not to burn the roots.

You can also use wood ash. Mix one tablespoon of the mixture in a liter of water. Strain the solution and water in the morning or evening.


The flowerpot may not bloom due to poor lighting. Place the pot in the southeast part of the apartment, avoid direct sunlight. In the fall, it is better to remove the tree from the windowsill, because then the dormant period for the plant begins.

In winter, the best temperature for growth is no higher than 15 degrees Celsius. But if this is not possible, then you should at least move the pot away from the radiator.


In the summer, you should water the money tree once every two weeks; in the fall and winter, reduce the moisture. It will be enough to water once a month.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA published a list of indoor flowers that can be left unwatered for at least a month.

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