How to make a Christmas cactus bloom all winter: main secrets

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How to make a Chistmas cactus bloom all winter long

In winter, most indoor flowers stop blooming due to a sharp change in temperature and a decrease in sunlight. This also applies to Christmas cacti as they are thermophilic plants that require comfortable conditions for luxurious and bright flowering.

OBOZ.UA has found effective tips to help you cope with this. It is worth removing the flowerpot from the cold windowsill but avoid hot radiators or heaters.

The plant has two dormant periods when it will not bloom. The first one is from August to October when the plant gains strength and prepares for future development and the appearance of buds.

The second is from February to March after flowering. This is the time when the plant needs rest, so you should reduce watering and fertilizing. Be sure to place the cactus in a dark place, which will allow it to recuperate.

When the buds finally begin to bloom, you need to apply a phosphorus-potassium fertilizer. You can use other fertilizers for ornamental plants and cacti, alternating them with each other. Water the plant regularly and spray the air around it.

Do not move the plant to another place during flowering because the flowerpot gets used to certain conditions and even a small change can negatively affect it.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA told you where is the best place to put spathiphyllum for the winter so that the plant does not die.

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