How to maintain healthy sleep during war: important tips

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You can say goodbye to lack of sleep if you follow a few tips

Quality and healthy sleep during the war sounds like utopia. It would seem that it is impossible to sleep when anxiety has become a constant companion in our lives. However, this basic human need should never be neglected.

Lack of sleep threatens the body with a number of dangerous consequences: from loss of concentration to a decrease in immunity. The right regimen, on the other hand, is almost a panacea. By improving your sleep, you can overcome stress, depression, avoid heart disease, prolong your youth, and love life in general.

Yes, it's harder to make it better during the war than in normal times, but it is possible. In this article, we'll look at a few rules that will help you say goodbye to insomnia and regain your desire to live a full life.

Comfort in the bedroom

Since the enemy always intends to deteriorate the morale of Ukrainians, it is at night that they become more active to increase the degree of tension in society.

When you have the opportunity to sleep in your usual "nest" instead of in a shelter, make it as comfortable as possible. Say goodbye to the TV and gadgets at least 30 minutes before bedtime. Let your bedroom become a dark, quiet, and cool oasis. Be sure to relax before bed: take a bath or read a book.

How to maintain healthy sleep during war: important tips

The bed matters

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, recommend using a heavy blanket to restore healthy sleep. It reduces anxiety and stress, simulates the feeling of a hug, and keeps you warm.

How to maintain healthy sleep during war: important tips

A group of Italian researchers in their paper published in the National Library of Medicine concluded that sleep quality significantly worsens low back pain. That is, a quality mattress should be the best friend of a person who wants to improve their sleep. According to the researchers, patients with a medium-firm mattress reported a higher level of improvement in physical condition compared to hard and soft mattresses. Although the latter will also become indispensable at different stages of life.

With this in mind, Veneto mattresses can become a home massage therapist and even a psychologist. Depending on the model, they have several support zones of varying stiffness and are free of electrostatic voltage. Your back will thank you and your hair will not stand on end no matter how much you rock in bed.

How to maintain healthy sleep during war: important tips

Veneto orthopedic mattresses differ from conventional mattresses in their ability to significantly improve the quality of life and eliminate the risk of unpleasant diseases. Even orthopedic surgeons have noted their beneficial properties during sleep studies of their patients. In particular, observations have shown:

- Uninterrupted sleep throughout the night and good health in the morning.

- Support of the spine and prevention of osteochondrosis and salt deposition.

- Correct body position during sleep, which contributes to good recovery.

- Relief from insomnia and headaches.

- Anti-allergic properties.

Specialists at Veneto stores will help you make the right choice, taking into account your preferences, body type and health status.

Veneto is a Ukrainian brand that has been manufacturing mattresses and furniture for over 30 years. During this period, the company has gained the trust of not only Ukrainians but also European consumers.

Rules for good sleep on restless nights

Olha Maslova, a biologist and co-author of the book When will I finally get some sleep?, gave some tips for healthy sleep during the war on the Take Care of Yourself platform. She reminded that depending on individual characteristics and external factors, the normal sleep duration should be 7-9 hours. However, this is not always possible under martial law.

How to maintain healthy sleep during war: important tips

To minimize the negative effects of lack of sleep on the body, the expert advises:

- Keep the place where you will sleep dark at night. If you go to a bomb shelter, take a sleep mask or cover your eyes with a scarf.

- Prepare for nighttime air raid alarms in advance to minimize the amount of light. If necessary, use a dim nightlight instead of a bright flashlight, and pack all the things you need to go to the shelter (warm clothes, water, etc.) in your bag in the evening.

- After eight o'clock in the evening, switch your gadgets to night mode. This will reduce their attractiveness: you will be able to respond to messages, but the desire to "hang" in the feed for an hour will be less.

- Make yourself comfortable in the shelter. Bring a pillow, a blanket, or the cream you usually use. If you have children with you, bring toys. This will allow you to create your own familiar space in unusual conditions.

- If you are safe but cannot fall sleep because of anxiety, try meditation and special breathing practices for sleep.

Be sure to use the tips and let your sleep be healthy and anxiety-free.

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