How to machine wash sneakers: golden rules

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Proper machine wash can make sneakers care much easier

White shoes, especially sneakers, have been in fashion for several seasons now. However, it's not so easy to keep them clean because of the dust that is literally everywhere. A washing machine comes to the rescue. Still, you should remember that washing white (and not only) sneakers has many nuances.

OBOZREVATEL learned how to wash sneakers in the machine. These rules will help keep your shoes clean and extend their service life.

Which sneakers are not suitable for machine washing

Before you send a pair of shoes into the drum, make sure that they are suitable for washing in this way. For example, sneakers with small decorative elements should not be machine washed. Even sewn rhinestones or rivets can come off during the wash.

A pair that has already damaged is also best taken care of by hand. After all, bad shoe glue will not withstand the rotation in the drum and a large amount of water.

Reflectors are also not machine washable. Therefore, shoes with such decor should not be put in the machine. However, if your sneakers are made of textiles, have no decorative elements and are durable enough, you can safely clean them in this way.

10 rules for machine washing sneakers

  • Prepare the pair for washing: wash off the main dirt from the sole so that it does not clog the machine and get on other parts of the shoe during washing.
  • Stubborn dirt on the soles is unlikely to be washed off in the machine, so you should clean them beforehand. To do this, you can use toothpaste to wipe the rubber parts and the sole. A mixture of baking soda and lemon juice or cosmetic micellar water will also work.
  • Before loading the sneakers into the washing machine, remove the insole, if possible, and be sure to remove the laces. They can be severely damaged during washing, so it is better to wash them by hand.
  • If the sneakers have electrical elements, such as lights, they should also be removed before washing. They will not survive machine washing.
  • It is better to put the sneakers in the drum of the machine after placing them in a shoe bag. It will protect small parts of the shoe from damage, especially if you are washing 2-3 pairs at the same time.
  • Only sneakers of the same color should be washed together. The textiles used to make shoes are highly shedding and the colors can mix.
  • The best shoe detergent is liquid. It will rinse out better. A detergent that is not washed out well can leave yellow streaks and spots on the shoe.
  • Sneakers are washed at a low temperature, within 30-35 degrees. These are the safest conditions for the glue and for the textile itself.
  • If the machine has a mode for washing sports shoes, you should use it. If not, choose a delicate program.
  • It is better to turn off the spin cycle when washing shoes. It can deform and damage the sole of the sneakers.

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