How to machine wash a down jacket: what program to choose

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Machine washing a down jacket can be safe if you follow the following steps

Contrary to the widespread stereotype that down jackets should only be dry-cleaned, care experts say that such cleaning can even harm the item. They advise washing winter jackets at home in a regular washing machine.

The secret is in the right choice of the program. OBOZ.UA tells you what experts advise for those who want to wash a down jacket on their own and not lose its warming qualities.

But first, of course, check the label of the item. If it contains a circle icon, you will still have to dry-clean the item, there are no other options. The circle should not be inscribed in other shapes but it may contain a letter that indicates the substance to be cleaned. This nuance will be dealt with by professionals.

So, if there is no such separate circle on the label or it is crossed out (in this case, dry cleaning is prohibited), you can safely send the down jacket to the washing machine. It is better not to put other things in it as the fabric often sheds a lot. However, washing balls will be appropriate. They will break the filler so that it does not shrink from moisture.

And now about the program itself. In fact, the duration of the wash fades into the background. If the down jacket is relatively clean, it does not need to be rinsed for a long time in soapy water. Similarly, an additional rinse will not harm it if you put too much detergent in it. The main thing is that the water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees and the spin speed should be minimal.

Speaking of detergents, it's better not to wash things with bulky filler with powder. Micro particles can get clogged in the pores of the filler and either disrupt the properties of the item or simply rinse out poorly. An ordinary laundry detergent will be enough to wash a down jacket, but you can also use a special detergent for sportswear, especially if the jacket's filling is synthetic.

And finally, a reminder: before putting your down jacket in the washing machine, don't forget to take everything out of your pockets, fasten all zippers and buttons, remove the decor - first of all, the fur trim - and turn the item out. Then you will definitely not damage your winter outerwear.

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