How to learn to clean your home like a professional: 12 good habits

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Maintaining order can be turned into a lightweight routine

Constant clutter at home is a source of serious stress. That's why we often put off cleaning so that we don't have to stress even more. But this leads to the accumulation of clutter and even more stress. And so it goes in a circle. Which sooner or later will have to be broken if you want to take control of your life.

OBOZ.UA talks about 12 habits that will help you learn how to take care of your home like a professional. Start with those that will not radically affect your life and gradually move on to larger ones.

Look for moments for small tasks

We perceive cleaning as one big job. But in reality, it consists of many small things. Try to do these little things in every free moment you can find. While you're waiting for the kettle to boil, sweep the kitchen, run a bath, put things in their places, heat up food, and wash the dishes as soon as you have time. Such little things will greatly relieve your main cleaning.

Divide a big job into parts

Similarly, divide different larger jobs into separate days of the week so that you don't accumulate everything for the weekend. Dust on Monday, wash the stove on Tuesday, take apart the kitchen cabinets on Wednesday, clean the bathroom on Thursday, and so on. You'll see, you'll be much less tired with this schedule.

Do not accumulate laundry

Make it a habit to check the laundry basket every day. As soon as it has enough clothes to load the washer, wash them right away. This will also make it easier to dry and put them away.

Clean the bathroom immediately after use

It's simple: less water in the shower after bathing means less work to clean limescale and mold. So when you use the bathtub or shower, wipe the floor, sides or tray, and faucets dry immediately. This will be sufficient.

Wash dishes while cooking

Even cooking a simple dinner can end up with a huge and intimidating mountain of dishes in the sink. So just don't pile it up. If you use a spoon, rinse it immediately or put it in the dishwasher, wash the frying pan while the soup is cooking, rinse anything that doesn't need to be degreased, and put it back immediately.

Wipe surfaces immediately after use

Do not leave stains on tables and countertops to dry, as this will make them much harder to wipe off. Clean up wet marks and crumbs right away - it's a second job that won't take much effort. And the effect of it will be huge.

Combine simple tasks with each other

There is a whole list of regular tasks that need to be done quite often - washing towels, cleaning dishes, charging gadgets. Try combining them with other simple tasks. Throwing towels in the washing machine - wipe the mirror with them first. Put your phone on the charger and dust off the table. And so on.

Wipe down small appliances after use

Toasters, blenders, handheld vacuum cleaners, humidifiers - all these small appliances accumulate dirt and stains instantly. And they can contaminate the places where they are stored. Therefore, when using small appliances, wipe them outside before putting them back. It will look great and there will be more order in the house.

Get used to vacuuming every day

The more often you vacuum or sweep, the less effort it takes to clean. Ideally, such work should be daily. Then cleaning the floor will become a short and simple routine task. A robot vacuum cleaner can help with this.

Take care of the refrigerator

We usually defrost our refrigerator only a few times a year. But by that time, it's in a really bad shape. Get in the habit of wiping down its shelves and facade at least once a week, and it will become much easier to clean it in general.

Have a cleaning schedule

To make it easier to implement all of these good habits, create a clear schedule of regular cleaning tasks and post it in a prominent place. It will help you turn home maintenance into an invisible routine. How to brush your teeth.

Have a basket for cleaning products

To make cleaning easier, organize all the products and tools you need so that you can get and put everything back in place in just one go. For example, put everything in a handy basket. Place in it, for example, a mild soap for household chores, disinfectant, microfiber cloths, a couple of sponges, paper towels, and a brush. And now you can wash countertops, doors, mirrors, remove most stains, and dust without any fuss or searching.

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