How to keep your home clean if you are very busy: tips to save time and nerves

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Cleaning can be part of a daily routine even for a very busy person

The schedule of a modern working person is so busy that it is not an easy task to fit in house cleaning. Everyone gets out of this situation as best they can. Some people spend all weekend cleaning, others often delegate some of the tasks to their children due to conflicts, others hire professionals, and others simply give up.

Nevertheless, experts say that even a very busy person can take control of the order in their home at least partially. OBOZ.UA has collected their tips for this case.

Clean on the go

Cleaning does not have to be an item on your daily to-do list and a whole window in your schedule. You can clean up on the go. For example, make it a habit to never leave your room empty-handed. Going to the restroom? Take something with you to throw in the laundry or put in the sink, an item to throw in the trash or put in its place. Also, always keep cleaning wipes handy. When you go somewhere, wipe a stained surface or clean a mirror. While you're waiting for the kettle to heat up, wash a couple of plates or quickly mop the floor. Such small steps help to avoid the accumulation of clutter and greatly relieve the main cleaning.

End the day with a short cleanup

Sometimes it only takes 10-20 minutes to complete the most important tasks. Use these minutes before bedtime not to raid the fridge, which will only make you feel bad, but to do some small tasks to clean up. For example, wipe the floor and bathroom surfaces dry after a shower. Load and set the washing machine and dishwasher on a timer, so you can just take out and put away the laundry in the morning. Take out the garbage, put away home appliances remotes, or shine your shoes for tomorrow. This way you will go to bed with the feeling that you have taken care of yourself and your loved ones. And this is a good feeling that gives you a little more peace of mind.

Use multifunctional cleaning products

Although some household chores require special cleaning products, most of them are still suitable for the same substances. And not having to choose a specific can from a whole battery makes cleaning much faster and much less tiring. So, if you still have to keep a separate gel for the toilet, you can wash tiles, mirrors, faucets, and the bathtub or tray with the same soap solution or vinegar spray. And for some jobs, such as mopping the floor or dusting, plain, clean water will do just fine - don't add work to your plate where it's not absolutely necessary.

Highlight priority areas

Some areas of the home are more heavily used. So we obviously use the kitchen more often and more intensively than the table on the balcony. Accordingly, it gets more dirty. Therefore, you will need to wipe the kitchen countertops daily, and you can take care of the balcony table once a week. Also, disassemble the nightstand in the hallway in time, where you put the things you bring home, regularly wash the bathroom and the floor in the hallway. You can pay attention to the rest of the areas as needed.

Delegate work

Still, delegating tasks, which we talked about at the very beginning, is a good idea that should not be abandoned in any case. Tidiness is the responsibility of everyone in the house, so it's important to distribute tasks and encourage the family to tidy up together. Create a list of daily or weekly tasks and distribute it to family members or roommates. Introduce a system of rewards for children to make them more willing to get involved. Work together to avoid offending their sense of fairness. Don't make absurd demands, such as a ban on headphones, as long as the work gets done. And don't deny yourself the pleasure of hiring a cleaning service once or twice a year for general cleaning, if it fits into your budget.

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