How to keep your hands warm in the cold: 3 amazing life hacks

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Fingers freeze the fastest in frosty weather

Fingers and ears are the first to suffer in the cold. And while you can put a thick hat on your head and warm shoes on your feet, it can be a bit more difficult to keep your hands warm at all times. Of course, you can buy a special hand warmer, but it is not always convenient to use.

Therefore, life hacks that will help keep your hands warm even in severe frost are can be found online. OBOZ.UA tells you about these tips in more detail.

If you need to touch snow

One of the main rules in the cold is to stay dry. Wet clothes lead to rapid hypothermia and even frostbite. But what if you need to clean your car or dig out the snow from your yard, for example? In this case, disposable latex gloves will come to the rescue. Put them on under your work gloves and your palms will remain dry. In addition, a layer of latex will protect you from the wind. It will also create an additional layer of air that will retain more heat. The same life hack can be used if you want to play snowballs. With latex gloves, your fingers will stay dry and warm longer and you will be able to enjoy the game more.

If you need to stay outside for a long time

However, this life hack may not work if you need to spend long periods of time outside. The skin under the latex can start to sweat, and this will be the very moisture you are trying to avoid. This is where the good old layering comes in. Put a thin, comfortable glove directly on your palm. It can even be made of fabric, not thicker knitwear. A layer of air will form between it and your usual winter gloves, which will retain heat. This design can be even warmer than thermal gloves for active sports. At the same time, it's much more comfortable in the city.

Don't let your hands get cold

Every time you feel your fingers start to get cold, do something to prevent this. First of all, the risk of frostbite is very high, and secondly, it can be very difficult to warm your hands. What can you do in this case? For example, you can put your hands in your pockets or under your armpits, hugging your torso and pressing your hands to your body. You can also clench and unclench your fists several times from time to time to increase blood circulation in your fingers, which will warm them up. If you are carrying a bag or package in your hand, periodically transfer it from hand to hand to warm the palm that is cold. And, of course, think about buying a hand warmer if you have to be in the cold often and for a long time.

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