How to increase the chances of winning the lottery: a mathematician reveals the secret

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Winning the lottery

Who hasn't dreamed of winning a million in the lottery? With such a sum of money, you can stop living from paycheck to paycheck in a rented apartment, counting every hryvnia, and finally afford a spacious house with a swimming pool, travel, and any whim.

Indeed, some lucky people get their desired winnings and start a new life. But are there many of them? Is there a chance to become one of them? The mathematician talked about lottery statistics and whether there are any secrets to lucky numbers. The details were revealed by the Daily Mail.

Mathematician Ryan Garibaldi, director of the Center for Communication Research in La Jolla, California, was stunned by the numbers. The chance to win the jackpot in the US is one in 300 million. But, according to him, not everything is as hopeless as it might seem at first glance. Garibaldi says that there are secrets that increase the chance of winning. You just need to pay attention to unpopular numbers, buy tickets in the regions where they are bought the least, and choose the right scratch-offs.

Many people believe in the theory of lucky numbers. When playing a lottery where you have to cross out 6 numbers, they don't act randomly but take some dates of life events as a basis. Garibaldi suggests never focusing on a certain date when crossing out a number in the lottery. There is a high probability that not only you will do that, but it will significantly reduce your chances of winning.

Another tip: if you buy a ticket with numbers, don't cross out all numbers in a row or column. Garibaldi notes that this is not original at all and is done very often. Again, the chances of winning decrease.

Americans spend almost $100 billion annually on state lotteries, hoping to win a life-changing sum but usually leave empty-handed.

The largest American Powerball was in 2016 when the pot reached a whopping $1.586 billion, split between three tickets from California, Florida, and Tennessee.

"Richard Lasting won four times in the local Florida lottery for $1,038,499.92. Lasting, who resigned in 2018, previously said he reinvested the winnings into buying new lottery tickets, used hand-picked sequential numbers, and used the same numbers all the time," Garibaldi said. But, according to the mathematician, this is rather an exception to the rule and just a lucky coincidence, and it is unlikely to increase the chance of winning in such a way.

Another tip when playing the lottery is to buy in cities or regions where the smallest number of tickets is sold.

Garibaldi suggests choosing a game in which you can guess a four-digit number and bet in a hexagon if possible.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL reported that the third-largest lottery jackpot in the country's history was hit in the United States.

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