How to grow wild garlic in the garden and when to harvest it

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How to grow wild garlic

The appearance of wild garlic marks the arrival of real spring. It is one of the most useful plants, containing many vitamins to strengthen the immune system. Wild garlic is an endangered species, so buying this herb "off the shelf" potentially makes you complicit in a crime.

However, there is a great alternative: you can grow wild garlic in your own backyard. To know how to do this, read the article by OBOZ.UA.

How to grow wild garlic

It is impossible to dig up and transplant wild plants. In this way, we also contribute to the extermination of rare species of wild garlic. If wild garlic is already grown by your neighbors and gardeners you know, you can take a few bushes from them for transplanting in August-September.

An important feature of wild garlic is that it does not tolerate drying out of the roots, so you need to transplant them with a large amount of soil and as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can grow wild garlic from seeds. You can also collect them yourself, waiting for the fruit to ripen.

Experienced gardeners advise sowing wild garlic before winter. You need to choose loose soil and constantly moisten the crops. You can also sow the seeds in containers in the spring after keeping them in the refrigerator. When planting, place the seeds at a sufficient distance to reduce the need for frequent pinching and cover them with 3-4 mm of soil.

Ramson should be regularly moistened and fertilized with organic fertilizers.

The right neighbors

Do not plant wild garlic next to lilies of the valley as the poisonous leaves of the latter can cause serious problems.

For ramson, you should choose a semi-shaded location under shrubs or trees.

When to harvest

You can harvest it after the first leaves open and before the flower stalks appear. The secret to a generous harvest is mulching with compost or humus as these components will maintain the fertility and breathability of the soil, preventing weeds from growing.

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