How to grow strong seedlings: secrets of experienced gardeners

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How to grow good seedlings

High-quality and healthy seedlings are the basis for a successful harvest. However, it often happens that shoots that were about to start growing suddenly dry up. There can be many reasons for this: from the wrong variety to non-compliance with the watering regime.

To grow high-quality planting material, it is important to know certain nuances. OBOZ.UA has collected the most effective tips that will help at the stage of growing seedlings.

Rule 1

Let's start with the most obvious - the choice of varieties. It is necessary to take into account the climate and soil in your region to choose crops that will grow and bear fruit better in the garden. You should prepare the soil first. Natural fertilizers, such as compost or humus, will be helpful. Please note that the soil should be loose for sufficient air circulation.

Rule 2

Be sure to consider the timing of sowing - it all depends on the weather. Usually, seedlings can be planted in the garden a month after the last frost. Each variety has certain characteristics that should be taken into account when planting.

Rule 3

Do not plant the seeds too deeply into the soil. Small seeds can be mixed with sand to make them easier to disperse. Water the soil after planting. Do not water the soil. If the shoots begin to grow too densely, they can be thinned out to avoid pressure. You should also monitor the temperature in the room where the seedlings are grown - the indicators depend on the plant variety.

Rule 4

Stress can cause the seedlings to stop growing. Before planting in the garden, the plants need to get used to harsher conditions. Gradually reduce the temperature and the amount of watering. Ventilate the room where the seedlings are grown more often - this will help harden the plants and prepare them for transplanting.

Rule 5

Seedlings are often attacked by pests, so you should take care of proper care. Chemicals, although effective in most cases, are not always safe fertilizers. Experienced gardeners advise using turmeric to improve the growth of seedlings.

Rule 6

When transplanting to the garden, choose a place where the plants will receive enough moisture and light. Consider the depth and width of the hole so that the root system has enough space to develop.

Seedlings should be watered, fertilized, and weeded regularly, and soil temperature and moisture should be monitored.

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