How to go to a party and what to bring with you: etiquette rules

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Etiquette rules for guests

When you are going to visit people you don't know for the first time or attending a party with friends, it's essential to follow the rules of etiquette. These simple tips will help you feel confident and make a good impression on your hosts and other guests.

Notify your hosts in advance about your visit to avoid disrupting their plans. Read OBOZREVATEL's article on how to behave when visiting someone and what to bring with you.

Rule 1: Punctuality and Visiting Hours

Unannounced visits are only acceptable in cases of emergency. According to etiquette, it is not appropriate to arrive early in the morning or late in the evening. The best visiting hours are from 12:00 to 20:00.

Try not to be late, but also avoid arriving too early, as the hosts may not be ready yet.

Rule 2: Gifts

Expensive gifts for strangers may be inappropriate, but arriving empty-handed is not polite either. You can bring a bouquet for the hostess, sweets or toys for the children, or alcohol for the host.

Consider bringing your slippers if you have them. In some cases, the hosts might not have enough slippers for all the guests. Ballet flats or clean shoes matching your outfit are acceptable.

Rule 3: Uninvited Guests

If you wish to bring someone with you, make sure to ask the hosts for permission. Bringing children along should be communicated in advance to the hosts. It is not customary to bring pets.

Rule 4: Positive Mood

If you're in a bad mood, argued, or feel you won't be able to hide your irritation during the visit, it's better to cancel it.

Rule 5: Greeting at the Door

Even if the door is open, don't enter without knocking or announcing yourself. Take off your coat and shoes in the hallway and don't proceed directly to the dining or living room. Inquire about the location of the bathroom to wash your hands and ask which towel to use.

Rule 6: Communication

The hosts should introduce you to the other guests. Smile politely and express your pleasure in meeting them. You don't need to shake hands with each guest; a nod or a slight bow will suffice.

Avoid discussing personal topics, such as illnesses, work issues, or failures. Don't dominate the conversation or whisper to the person beside you; wait for an appropriate moment.

Rule 7: Avoid Snooping

Don't roam around the house uninvited, inspecting furniture, books, paintings, souvenirs, and so on.

Rule 8: Participate in Entertainment

If the hosts offer games or other activities, be supportive, participate, and avoid criticizing their choice of entertainment or music.

Rule 9: Table Etiquette

Wait until all the guests and hosts are seated before you start eating. Don't overload your plate with too many dishes at once.

Rule 10: Etiquette Violations

If one of the guests or the hosts breaches etiquette, avoid pointing out their errors, making comments, or attempting to teach them proper manners.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL informed you about the etiquette rule people often forget when visiting others.

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