How to get rid of water marks on wooden surfaces: an easy way

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Wooden surfaces require special care

Wooden surfaces and furniture in the house not only create coziness, but also bring a whole bunch of restrictions. For example, you need to handle them carefully so as not to flood them with water, because the stains will be difficult to remove later.

Fortunately, housekeeping enthusiasts have an effective life hack for this case. OBOZ.UA tells about its possibilities and limitations.

Why you should not fill the tree with water

The porous structure of wood quickly absorbs any liquids that get on it. Even ordinary water can leave whitening spots. You've probably seen them. Most often, they look like a ring in places where you often put a glass or cup with a drink. It can be very difficult to clean such a ring without removing the top layer of wood. But a universal home care product, baking soda, can help.

How to use baking soda to clean wood

To get rid of water rings on wooden furniture, make a cleaning paste out of baking soda. To do this, mix it with a little water to get the consistency you want. Pour a certain amount of this paste onto a microfiber cloth and use a circular motion to blow it into the stain. Be careful, use slow movements and moderate pressure. Sand the wood like this for 5-10 minutes, avoiding undamaged areas.

When the stain disappears, remove the remaining paste with a dry cloth. Then clean the surface with a mild solution of mild soap. It is better to complete the procedure by applying furniture wax or a drop of oil. Finally, polish the surface with a dry cloth.

Instead of soda, you can also use toothpaste for this cleaning. But it should be a paste, not a gel - only it contains a fine abrasive that can polish wood. You can also use a similar method but with extra salt.

When the life hack doesn't work

Keep in mind that this method of removing water stains from the surface of wood has limitations. Baking soda works well on new water stains, but not on stubborn marks. Therefore, you should remove such marks immediately. Better yet, do not let the liquid get on the wood.

Periodically cover wooden furniture and surfaces with protective agents. And be sure to put protective coasters under the dishes with food and drinks. This is the only way to preserve the look of wood for a long time.

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