How to get rid of unpleasant odor in shoes: three accessible methods

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There are many reasons for unpleasant odors in shoes

Bad odor can be caused by poor-quality shoes and socks, insufficient foot hygiene, or improper care. Sometimes even buying high-quality, expensive shoes doesn't help.

You can get rid of an unpleasant odor by determining its cause. OBOZREVATEL has selected the most effective life hacks.

First of all, you should pay attention to the quality of the socks. Synthetic fabrics do not allow the skin to breathe, and moisture accumulates. The material of the shoe also plays an important role, although if you don't change socks regularly and rarely wash your feet, high-quality leather models won't help either.

It also happens that unpleasant foot odor is the cause of fungal diseases or problems with the autonomic system. You should consult a doctor.

Life hack with tea bags

The most popular way to get rid of a pungent shoe odor is to put a tea bag in it. This life hack is often used by athletes and tourists. Tea is a great and effective odor-neutralizer. You don't need to spend money on expensive brands; even the cheapest brew will do the trick.


At low temperatures, the unpleasant aroma is quickly neutralized. This life hack is especially popular in winter - you can simply take your shoes to the balcony or porch.

There is also an option to put the shoes in the freezer - of course, after removing all food from there. Insoles should be exposed to low temperatures separately from the main shoe.

"Zirka" ointment

The good old Zirka ointment is still sold in pharmacies. Experts advise smearing it on the surface of the shoe and pulling out the insoles. This method should not be repeated too often.

Another effective tip is to put bay leaves in your shoes. This method will not work quickly; to get rid of the odor, the bay leaves should stay on the insole for at least 6 hours. This life hack can be used from evening to morning and repeated once a week.

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