How to get rid of the strong smell of paint during home renovations: clever methods

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How to get rid of paint odor in the house

The day has arrived—you've decided to renovate. You've stripped off the old wallpaper, refinished the walls, maybe even laid new parquet. And just when the toughest part seems to be behind you, and you're ready to bask in the new interior, the perfect moment is spoiled by the smell of paint.

The strong odor lingers for too long and can lead to discomfort and headaches. Express publication shares tips on how to eliminate the lingering paint smell.

The paint smell can be hazardous due to the solvents used to thin the paint material. As the paint dries, acetone molecules and other toxic substances evaporate, which maintains the liquid state of the suspension. It's best to opt for paint with a water-based emulsion composition, where plain water serves as a base.

Low-quality paints may contain toxic substances that enter the body through the respiratory tract, circulate through the bloodstream, and reach the brain, causing damage to the nervous system.

More expensive and high-quality paints have a less pronounced odor that, according to manufacturers, dissipates within 36-48 hours after application.

Michael Rolland, managing director of The Paint Shed, mentions that sometimes the smell can linger in homes for several weeks. Proper ventilation is key to airing out the space, but there are other methods to expedite the process.

"Before attempting anything else, ensure you open the windows in the room for natural ventilation. To accelerate the process, fill two buckets with water and place them in different corners of the room. The water will soon absorb some of the paint vapor, reducing the odor," Rolland said.

This life hack is quite old, dating back to the nineteenth century.

You can also utilize baking soda. Simply place two containers filled halfway with baking soda in the room and leave them for 24 hours.

Rolland suggests sprinkling some baking soda on the carpet as well. A few hours will suffice for the abrasive particles to "neutralize" the paint odor.

An alternative "zero waste" approach involves using coffee grounds to replace the chemical odor with a more pleasant scent. The method works similarly: place coffee grounds in saucers and position them around the room overnight.

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