How to get rid of superglue stains on skin and clothes: three quick ways

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Tips on how to remove superglue

You can get rid of superglue stains on skin, furniture, and other things with the help of improvised means such as soap, salt, alcohol, or nail polish remover. The main thing is to act quickly.

Three life hacks for removing glue stains were shared by the Polish publication Interia. When you start working with super glue, you should make sure that you have the necessary "rescue" tools at the ready.


If your instant glue dries where it shouldn't, you can wash it off with alcohol. Just moisten a cotton pad or cotton swab with it and gently treat the sticky spot. When the glue dissolves, you just need to wipe the spot with a paper napkin.

How to remove superglue from leather

Water and soap

If superglue has spilled on your hands or stuck your fingers together, do not scratch it off, let alone try to separate the glued fingers, as this can cause wounds. Instead, wash your hands with warm water and soap as soon as possible.

Warm water and soap will help remove superglue from the skin.

Washing powder will also help in this case. To do this, it must be diluted in warm water until foamy, then hold your hands in the resulting solution for a while.


Ordinary salt will also help to wash off the glue that has dried on your hands. Dilute it a little with lemon juice or water to make a slurry, then apply the mixture to the glue and rub gently. After a few minutes, the superglue should come off easily.

Salt and lemon can also help remove superglue.

Nail polish remover

Dampen a cotton pad with nail polish remover or other acetone-based cleaner and rub the dried adhesive until it softens and removes. Wash the cleaned area with warm water and soap. Then dry with a soft towel and apply moisturizer.

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