How to get rid of stains on a wooden table: you won't have to sand or repaint it

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Regular mayonnaise will help remove stains from a wooden table

Wooden furniture, although looks extremely stylish, still creates a lot of problems for its owners. Due to its structure, wood easily absorbs dirt and stains. Tables are especially affected by this. In severe cases, sanding or painting can help solve the problem. However, it is clear that you want to do it with a minimum of effort.

The Sun has collected some proven tips on wooden table stains from cleaning fans, which they gave in a specialized group where they shared their experiences. A woman complained that she had left a large stain on the table at her mother-in-law's house and didn't know what to do with it as no products were working.

To her surprise, the first place among the tips was the recommendation to smear the stained area with a product that is in almost every refrigerator, mayonnaise. People who had tried this method before recommended applying the sauce generously to the stain and leaving it on for 1-2 hours and then removing the residue with a paper towel and rubbing the area thoroughly with a soft cloth in the direction of the wood fibers.

The secret of this method is that mayonnaise is made from vegetable oil, a product that penetrates the wood fibers, restores the color of the material and covers it with a protective layer. But the oil itself tends to spread, so mayonnaise, which is thicker, will hold on the surface better.

Another tip that users liked was even simpler. It was recommended to cover the stain with a paper or dry textile towel and run a hot iron over it. This will melt the pollutant under the influence of temperature and the paper or fabric will absorb all the excess.

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