How to get rid of scratches on shoes: options for different materials

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Minor defects on shoes can be repaired by yourself

Shoes perform several important functions in our wardrobe. Of course, they complete the look and make it complete. But the main task of shoes is to protect our feet from cold, dirt, various sharp objects and injuries. And sometimes this protection turns into a scratch that would have appeared on your foot if you were walking barefoot, but appears on your favorite pair.

Luckily, in many cases, the problem can be solved. OBOZ.UA has collected all the main life hacks. With their help, you can return a beautiful look to leather and even patent shoes.

Natural leather

Of course, the first step to fixing the problem is always to determine how deep the scratch is. Superficial and medium scratches can be repaired by yourself, while deep scratches can only be handled by a professional.

As a rule, it is enough to polish a superficial scratch with a regular shoe polish to make it no longer noticeable. A deeper scratch can be repaired with a liquid leather product. The composition of the product is specially designed to mask scuffs and cuts on various leather items.

To use it, prepare the surface. Carefully remove any pieces sticking out and sand the edges of the scratch with fine sandpaper or a nail polish buffer. Be sure to degrease the area you plan to treat. This can be done with soap or alcohol. Next, apply a small amount of "liquid skin" to the scratch and leave it to dry for 10 minutes. Do not apply too much at once; it is better to apply the product in several layers and dry each one well. When the scratch visually disappears, polish the shoe.

You can also hide a scratch on the skin with makeup or surgical dressings, beeswax, superglue, or nail polish - colorless or of a suitable shade. Apply the product very carefully, taking it a drop at a time on a toothpick. When the scratch is no longer visible, the shoe can be treated with a cream of the desired color.

Artificial leather

Decoupage glue will help to hide defects on eco-leather. Apply it with a small brush. First, paint over the scratch with paint of the appropriate color, and then fill it with glue, wait until it is completely dry, and sand the treated area. This life hack will work only on those parts of the shoe that do not bend. The decoupage glue will crack on the bends.

Patent leather

A colorless nail polish will save the glossy surface of patent leather shoes. First, wipe the cracked or scratched area with a mild solution of mild soap and warm water to wash away all the dirt. Pat the area dry and gently apply a little nail polish. Let it dry completely. The defect should disappear.

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