How to get rid of scratches on ceramic tiles: top life hacks

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You can sand scratched tiles yourself

Ceramic tiles are one of the most popular materials for home decoration. It is quite durable and offers a variety of coating options with many colors, prints and even reliefs. At the same time, it is quite easy to keep it clean. However, it's also not eternal and scratches can appear on it.

Glazed tiles are the most sensitive, but other types can also suffer from wear and tear. Fortunately, there are several ways to quickly return the tile to its original appearance. OBOZ.UA found out about a few life hacks.

Baking soda

This product can save you from small scratches. To polish them, make a paste of baking soda and a little water. The consistency of the paste should be good, but easy to spread. Rub the damaged area with this product. It acts as a soft abrasive and can smooth out small defects. Soda paste can be washed off with plain water. But do not rub too hard or too long to avoid causing more scratches.

Oxalic acid

This product can remove quite deep scratches. It is used in professional cosmetics to polish ceramic surfaces. But first, the tile should be tested for sensitivity to oxalic acid in an inconspicuous place. Apply the oxalic acid product to a dry tile and gently wipe it off with a soft sponge. The trick here is to apply enough pressure to allow the oxalic acid to penetrate the scratch. However, avoid excessive pressure that may damage the tile. Circular motions are best for even application.


The cosmetic product contains very fine abrasives that can handle shallow scratches. But you should choose a paste, not a gel. Apply a small amount of it directly to the scratch and gently rub it in with a damp cloth using gentle circular motions. Do not apply too much pressure to avoid creating more small scratches.

Brass polish

This product is usually used to shine metal surfaces, but it can also be used on tiles. The abrasives in its composition polish the surface, and the oils fill in the microcracks, leaving it flawlessly smooth and shiny. Apply the polish with a soft cloth. But it is better not to use this product if you have white tiles as it can darken them.

Nail polish

A quick solution to the problem of shallow scratches is ordinary nail polish. It is made of solvent-based polymers that perfectly fill in small defects in your tile. Before using the polish, clean the tiles with soap and water and wait until they are completely dry. Try to choose a color that matches the shade of the tile as closely as possible or choose a transparent version. Carefully apply a layer of nail polish to the damage. Let it dry and then evaluate the effect. If necessary, varnish the area again.

Special filler

There are special ceramic tile repair products on the market that are good at repairing chips, scratches, and other defects. This coating does not just protect against water but also binds well to the texture of the tile, restoring its smooth surface. Apply this product according to the manufacturer's instructions. The filler is carefully leveled with a spatula and allowed to harden. After that, the tiles can be washed again.

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