How to get rid of limescale on faucets: folk life hacks

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Simple household remedies will not only clean the limescale from the faucets but also restore their shine

The hard water that flows in Ukrainian water supply systems leaves a lot of stains on plumbing fixtures. Magnesium and calcium salts, which are quite abundant in it, settle as a coating when the drops dry. And this greatly spoils the appearance of plumbing and tiles. You have to make a lot of effort to get rid of this trouble. At the same time, some of the chemicals that can cope with it are too aggressive for some materials, and some require friction and leave scratches.

Fortunately, cleaning experts know how to get rid of limescale on faucets and mixers effectively and effortlessly. OBOZREVATEL has collected several recipes based on home remedies.

White vinegar

This is the most effective remedy because it is based on a weak acid that destroys the structure of lime, after which it is easy to remove even with a soft sponge. Vinegar is best applied in the form of lotions. To do this, generously moisten a piece of cloth with it and apply it to the contaminated area. For example, wrap the faucet. Leave this lotion on for a certain period of time. For a thin layer of lime, 30 minutes is enough; in difficult cases, you can keep it for 4 hours If necessary, the cloth can be additionally moistened with vinegar to prevent it from drying out. After that, the cloth is removed, the treated surface is wiped with a soft brush or sponge, rinsed with water and wiped dry.

Soda paste

A mixture of baking soda and water will gently remove limescale mechanically. The abrasiveness of the product is quite moderate, so it should not leave scratches. Gradually add water to the amount of baking soda required to treat the contaminated area and mix to make a thick paste. It is applied to the faucet for 2 hours. After the product has worked well, the surface is cleaned with a brush or sponge, and the remaining soda is thoroughly washed off.

Laundry soap

A gel made from ordinary laundry soap is also very effective against limescale. To prepare it, grate enough soap on a fine grater and pour a small amount of hot water over it all day or overnight. When the soap dissolves and a gel-like substance is obtained, treat the area with stains, and leave the product for two hours. Finally, the faucet is cleaned with a soft brush or sponge, rinsed with water, and wiped dry. This gel also polishes faucets well, leaving them shiny.

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