How to get rid of dust in the house for a long time: a fragrant life hack

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Grapefruit peel, vinegar, and glycerin will help you cope with dust better

What can be done to make the dust in the house at least a little less? This is a question that every host or hostess asks. These small particles that endlessly settle on surfaces ruin the feeling of cleanliness, even when everything else is perfect. However, cleaning experts know some secrets on how to slow down the accumulation of dust.

For example, homemade cleaning products will help with this. To make them, you will need grapefruit peel in combination with vinegar and glycerin. OBOZ.UA tells you more about the recipes.

Vinegar spray

Thanks to the disinfectant properties of vinegar, this product will help not only clean surfaces from dust but also get rid of dust mites. To make it, peel one grapefruit, peel it from the shells and veins, put it in a jar, and pour a glass of vinegar over it. Put the jar in a dark and cool place for at least three days to infuse. When the vinegar extracts the aroma from the peel, strain the liquid into a spray bottle and dilute it with water in a 1:1 ratio. The product is ready to be sprayed directly on the furniture or applied to a microfiber cloth for cleaning. After using it, the house will smell fresh.

Liquid with glycerin

Pharmacy glycerin does more than just remove dust and polish furniture surfaces. It also has antistatic properties, which helps slow down the accumulation of dust. To take advantage of its properties, put a little clean boiled water in a bowl and add a few drops of glycerin. Soak a microfiber cloth in this mixture, wring it out properly, and wipe the furniture. A microscopic protective film will form on the surfaces, which will prevent dust from accumulating so quickly.

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